• Hannah Schilling
    Harm Reduction Ohio distributes Naloxone to all 88 counties through several systems. The two largest of these systems is our Free Online Mail Order Program and our Lay Distribution Program.

    Our online system is free, discreet, fast and confidential. https://www.harmreductionohio.org/get-naloxone/ You can order direct here

    Who should order at this site?

    Anyone who may be in a position to reverse an overdose. (EVERYONE) This includes family members, friends, co-workers, neighbor and service providers in contact with people who use drugs. People who use drugs other than cannabis should definitely carry naloxone. More than 1,000 Ohio residents died of meth-related overdoses in 2020 — and 80% of those fatalities involved fentanyl. The numbers are similar for cocaine.

    Our Lay Distribution Program supplies volunteers with bulk orders of naloxone, we train them to be administer and facilitate trainings for the distribution of naloxone. We have other resources for Lay Distributors as well. If you would like to become a distributor for us please contact

    Other questions? Email
  • Susan Fithen
    Hamilton County Public Health offers Naloxone free of charge to Hamilton County residents and businesses. We offer several programs including our Mail Order Program, Harm Reduction Training, and various opportunities for partnerships.

    Mail Order Program: Naloxone can be requested online free of charge, and shipped to community members who reside in Hamilton County. The link also includes a brief training. Click here to order.

    Harm Reduction Trainings: Trainings can be requested by residents in Hamilton County as well as businesses. To inquire about a training, email .

    Community Partnerships: We love to collaborate with our community partners to offer lay distribution opportunities and to table at community events. To inquire about lay distribution or to request our presence at a community event, reach out to . We are always happy to bring naloxone and fentanyl test strips to offer to community members.

    Lay Distribution: We offer bulk supplies of naloxone to agencies for distribution to those they serve. We have several options including Naloxone only and Safety Kits (naloxone, fentanyl test strips, resource cards, and small first aid kit). We are happy to work with you to determine best fit for your organization.

    Additional questions can be directed to our Naloxone email, or to Rachel Harding at
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