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    Ask your school to evaluate your child

    Put your request for evaluation in writing. If you think that your child has a
    disability and needs special education, you should ask your school to evaluate
    your child's need for special education services. This request should be in writing
    and should include your consent for evaluation. Sending a letter will document
    your request for evaluation of your child and will establish a time line for services
    to begin should your child be eligible. The letter should be sent in a way that you
    will have proof of its receipt by the district, for example, sending it by certified
    mail, or via email. Keep a copy of the letter and receipt. The following is a sample

    Date (include month, day, and year)
    Name of Your Child's Special Education Coordinator
    Name of School District
    Street Address
    City, State, Zip Code
    Dear (name of Special Education Coordinator),
    I am writing to request an initial evaluation for my child (child's name). I am
    requesting this evaluation because (state what you suspect as your child's
    disability and describe the problems your child is having in school).
    We have tried the following to help (child's name): (If you or the school have
    done anything extra to help your child, briefly state it here).
    This letter serves as my request and consent for a multi-factored evaluation of
    my child. Please provide me the name and telephone number of the person who
    will be forwarded this letter and who will be coordinating the initial evaluation.
    You can send me information or call me during the day at (daytime telephone
    I look forward to hearing from you within five school days of the date you receive
    this letter. Thank you for your help.
    Your Name
    Street Address
    City, State, Zip Code
    Daytime telephone number
    cc: specialists or other staff

    Provide any supporting documentation. You should share any assessments,
    evaluations, or other information that you have which supports your child's need
    for special education services. Examples of information which may support your
    request for services include: I.Q. tests, psychological evaluations, evaluations of
    therapy needs (physical, occupational, and speech therapy), communication
    evaluations, vision and hearing assessments, and medical evaluations.

    Disability Rights Ohio - Special Education: How do I get my school-aged child evaluated for services
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