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    Some banks and credit unions offer "second chance" checking accounts for people having a flawed banking history from bounced checks, unpaid fees, or account closures. The accounts can help people rebuild their banking histories, but they don't have all the services that come with regular checking accounts.

    Momentum Checking account is one of their best accounts for those looking to rebuild their banking relationship. With no minimum deposit and no minimum balance required, banking is simple with Fifth Third.

    First Financial Bank’s NoWorry Checking account offers a fresh start regardless of your checking history. There is a $25 minimum opening deposit, as well as a $10 monthly service charge. If you complete one of their approved financial education courses, the monthly service fee is discounted to only $5.

    When you apply for an account at Forcht Bank, they won’t use ChexSystems, Telecheck, EWS, or a credit report during the screening process. Instead, they only require two forms of ID. As long as you don’t owe them any money, your chances are good for getting an account.

    KEMBA offers low fees and plenty of free features, and helps you begin a new banking relationship with Fresh Start Checking. If you set up direct deposit of your paycheck, pension, or social security check, your monthly fee is reduced to $8.95 a month, a $2 savings.

    Republic Bank gives those who have paid their old debts a second chance at rebuilding their banking relationship with the Checking Builder Account. This is an affordable second chance checking option with an initial opening deposit of only $50. There is no minimum balance requirement. If you sign up for direct deposit, the $12.95 monthly fee is reduced to $7.95.

    Superior Federal Credit Union knows that everyone deserves a second chance. With Fresh Start Checking, you aren’t actually able to write checks, but you have the opportunity to build a banking relationship with a free ATM/Visa debit card. The low monthly fee of $5 keeps your costs low.

    A Safe Debit Account from US Bank gives you easy access to your money with a free US Bank Visa debit card and online banking. The free mobile app allows you to track your spending, receive low balance alerts and send money securely to your family and friends. If you do happen to overdraw your account, you won’t be charged a fee.

    Wells Fargo recently changed the Opportunity Checking account to Clear Access Banking. And we like one change, in particular. Wells Fargo has done away with overdraft and non-sufficient funds (NSF) fees. Clear Access Banking is a debit card-only account (no paper checks available) and if you attempt to purchase something without sufficient funds, the transaction will be denied. That’s a lot better than having the transaction approved and then discovering you’ve been hit with a $35 overdraft fee.

    At Woodforest National Bank, Second Chance Checking gives you the opportunity to maintain a positive banking relationship. There is a required minimum opening deposit of $25 and a $9 one-time account set-up fee. If you sign up for monthly direct deposits, the maintenance fee is $9.95, a savings of $2. Monthly paper statements are available for $3. E-Statements are provided free of charge.

    Emery Federal Credit Union offers Second Chance Checking with no monthly fee.

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