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    Buckeye SCOPE Challenge/Opportunity Discussion

    What is a challenge/opportunity discussion?
    A challenge/opportunity discussion is an issue or situation within an individual’s practice that is shared with the Buckeye SCOPE ECHO network to facilitate discussions around potential solutions to specific concerns. All scenarios will be de-identified and will NOT contain any personal health information (PHI).

    Why do we collect challenge/opportunity discussion forms?
    The purpose of a challenge/opportunity discussion is to provide ongoing support and co-management from an interdisciplinary team of expert professionals.

    Why would you share a case study? Buckeye SCOPE includes all types of professionals and caregivers so there is a lot of knowledge to be shared! If you have a challenge or situation in your work or your life (e.g., behavioral or feeding issues in a young child; mother of a child with limited mental health resources, etc.), share with the whole group so we can all put our heads together to problem solve and share resources. You will get a full list of what is discussed in the session so you can use this for your current challenge or have information on hand for the future.

    Participants who submit a challenge/opportunity discussion will engage in a virtual community with their peers where they will have access to real-time support, guidance and feedback from other professionals in the field. They will have the opportunity to problem solve and discuss strategies focused on a current issue or problem.

    Please use this survey to submit a particular scenario you would like support with
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