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    Recovery Works, West Carrolton Ohio

    Youth Outpatient Mental Health includes clients ages 4-17, who reside in the State of Ohio and who meet diagnostic criteria. Youth Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment includes clients ages 13-17, who reside in the State of Ohio and who meet diagnostic criteria. For more information, please use this link

    ASAP Cincinnati

    ASAP provides specialized treatment for teens who struggle with substance use and mental health issues. Treatment program options include:

    TRIP Intensive Outpatient Program for Substance Use Disorders
    Clarity Intensive Outpatient DBT Program for Behavioral Health
    CHOICES Education Program
    Individual Therapy
    Continuing Care

    The TRIP, Clarity Intensive, CHOICES, and Continuing Care treatment programs use a rolling entry model, encouraging more experienced group members to provide positive examples of recovery for those just beginning the process. Group models allow teens to provide direct feedback to each other while a trained professional guides group discussions.

    All programs emphasize parental involvement. For more information, please use this link

    Belmont Pines Hospital

    Belmont Pines Hospital in Youngstown offers a full continuum of inpatient and outpatient programs for children and adolescents, ages 6-18, ranging from short and long term residential, day treatment and summer programs.
    Use this link for more information

    Stoner Creek at Bourbon Community Hospital

    Located in Paris, KY and serving individual ages 12 - 17 who are experiencing suicidal thoughts, severe depression, anxiety, grief, mood disorders, stress and/or substance abuse, we offer an inpatient program that provides 24-hour care.
    Use this link for more information.

    Eastway Behavioral

    Offer services ranging from residential to outpatient services catered specifically to youth. Use this link for more information

    The Ranch of Opportunity

    The Ranch of Opportunity is located on a 22-acre ranch providing teenage girls mental health treatment in a six to eight month residential treatment program. Use this link for more information.

    Best Point Behavioral Health through the Children's Home offers individual and family counseling services. They also specialize in Substance Use treatment in the STAR program and provide psychiatric services. The STAR program is a community-based treatment option for adolescents, ages 13-18, with co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders. Psychiatric Services has a team of psychiatrists, pediatricians and psychiatric nurse practitioners provide medication evaluation, review, follow-up and education. Use this link for more information.
    Best Point also has a pediatric mental health crisis urgent care facility serving young people up through about age 21. It aims to help those who need immediate social or emotional care not rising to the level of going to the hospital. The urgent care is open Monday - Friday from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m. at 5051 Duck Creek Road in Cincinnati. If you're unsure if the facility is the best option, you can call 513-527-3040.
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